Eliminate beveling, improve worker safety and help mitigate corrosion

Infra-Tect provides innovative solutions to problems commonly found in working with underground water and sewer pipes. Whether your main concern is worker safety, corrosion prevention, or speeding up pipe joint installations, we provide safe and economical solutions to the underground infrastructure community.

Save Time

Reduce time and expense on pipe joint installations.

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Worker Safety

No beveling required with any powered equipment.

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Corrosion Prevention

Add longevity and reduce pipe maintenance.

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Best Practices

Employ best practices and maintain compliance.

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Corrosion Mitigation

Corrosion is an electrochemical process involving both a chemical reaction and the flow of electrical current. If any of these components are eliminated, corrosion cannot occur. Since corrosion involves the flow of electrical current, it is obvious that any resistance introduced into the circuit will greatly affect the rate of corrosion. (Source: DIPRA)