About Us
Infra-Tect is a water and wastewater underground infrastructure company that provides innovative solutions around pipe corrosion prevention, worker safety and productivity improvements that save you time and money. The Company has developed several patented products designed to ease the installation process and protect ductile iron pipe, C-900 PVC, IPS PVC, SDR-26 and SDR-35 PVC pipe or fittings.

Infra-Tect’s flagship product, the Bevel-Sert, is a pre-beveled radius insert used in conjunction with any size buried DIP pipe and is intended to facilitate the safe installation of underground utilities where beveling pipe is often required. This product eliminates the industry practice of grinding a bevel onto the cut end of a piece of pipe, improving worker safety and saving significant time and money.

The Bevel-Sert may also be used in ductile iron pipe as a barrier to electrical current, promoting the existence of an electrically discontinuous pipe-joint segment that reduces pipe corrosion and maintenance which increases the lifetime of the underground pipe infrastructure.

Our other products also include the C900-Sert, and IPS-Sert, as well as many others in development.