The Company
Infra-Tect is focused on addressing key pain points in underground water and wastewater infrastructure repair and installation practices with competitively pre-emptive, patented-protected and technologically advanced solutions and to do so in a disciplined and transparent manner that advocates our offerings as a valued business for our customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

Our overall purpose and focus is to provide cheaper, easier, faster and safer solutions for water and wastewater piping systems. We are guided by several critical value-based approaches in how we manage our interactions with our customers, vendors, investors and employees:

  • We seek to help solve problems across our customers, suppliers, employees and investors.
  • We champion and value innovation whether they are new ideas, re-channeled old ideas, new thoughts, new improvements and new solutions.
  • We value collaboration and team whether internally or externally developed and managed.
  • We expect success, we expect accountability, we expect responsibility, we expect commitment and we expect passion.
  • We want enthusiasm, spirit, thirst and a zeal for our purpose and our mission.

Our products reflect this approach. Our flagship product, Bevel-Sert : 1) offers between 30-90% time and cost savings in installation (inserting our product and connecting two pipes together vs. beveling with a grinder or other means and then connecting two pipes together) and; 2) greatly reduces “stray currents” across pipes.