Frequently Asked Questions

The Bevel-Sert is designed to work with the ductile iron push-on pipe or with push-on fittings. Infra-Tect is introducing its PVC C-900 product early in 2015.

Yes. Infra-Tect is introducing its SDR-35 product early in 2015.

Yes – the Bevel-Sert will work with field-lock gaskets as the depth of the cleats on the gasket exceeds the thicknesses of the flange portion of the Bevel-Sert.

No, we do not recommend the use of the Bevel-Sert more than once.

Yes, lubricate the rubber gasket and male portion of the pipe per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

No, as the Bevel-Sert is larger than the interior diameter of the pipe, it cannot become dislodged and travel down the pipe.

No, the Bevel-Sert cannot wash down the pipe as it is larger than the pipe’s interior diameter.

Yes, the Bevel-Sert will work if the pipe is not cut perfectly straight. Caution should be used in that the maximum allowable dimension for the non-straight cut is less than 0.25 inches.

Yes. We recommend the joint be made up straight per the manufacturer’s recommendation and then deflection can be achieved.

You can deflect the pipe per the manufacturer’s recommendations.