Best Practices

nsf certification

NSF Certifications
Infra-Tect received NSF certification, February 2014, for the material and manufacturing process.
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save time and money

Save Time & Money
Do you currently bevel the cut ends of underground water and wastewater pipes with a hand file, cut-off saw or a hand grinder?
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pipe corrosion mitigation

Corrosion Mitigation
Do you currently use corrosion mitigation products to protect ductile iron pipes from potentially corrosive soil environments?
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worker safety best practices

Worker Safety
It doesn’t have to take time and effort to bevel underground ductile iron water and wastewater pipes.
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gasket protect for water infrastructure

Gasket Protection
How many times have field-cut DI water pipes been installed only to then fail the water pressure test because a gasket was ripped?
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beveling made easier for water pipes

Beveling Made Easier
Watch this short video that will show you how to save 30%-90% in beveling and installing underground water pipes.
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