Beveling Made Easier

Do you currently bevel or work with a company that bevels the cut ends of a section of underground water and wastewater pipes? How long does this take? 10 minutes for a small diameter pipe? 2-3 hours for a larger pipe?

No doubt, with 850 water main breaks a day in the U.S. and 138,000 miles of pipe that are past their useful life (and don’t forget all of the new underground utility work in your plans today), finding productivity-improvement solutions to a project can go a long way to effectively reducing costs.

In less than two minutes, learn how you can save significant time and money, improve worker safety and mitigate corrosion. Infra-Tect’s Bevel-Sert is an NSF 61 HDPE-compliant insert ring that fits between the two pipes. No grinder or other equipment is needed as it comes pre-beveled and it takes only seconds to install… by hand.

This is why it saves 30% – 90% in installation costs compared to the current costs involved in beveling and installation:

What does this mean for you?

You now have the product solution for beveling water and wastewater pipes that will save you time and money.

Learn more about how the Bevel-Sert works to lower your cost of operations, installations, maintenance and repair for water and wastewater infrastructure piping systems.
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