Could Bevel-Serts have Prevented a Disaster like this?

(Phoenix, Arizona. May 17, 2013) – “They were actually kayaking back and forth on the street here.”

Last Sunday, a water main break in San Diego, CA caused significant damage to homes and apartments. The water pipe in question was installed in 1943.

  • This is just one of the more than 850 water main breaks that occur in North America every day.
  • According to Arian Collins, spokesman for the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, “the break was likely due to corrosion to an old cast iron water main.”
  • The Bevel-Sert is designed to make infrastructure pipe joints electrically discontinuous, thereby reducing the corrosion rate and effectively extending the useful life of water and sewage pipes well beyond their current life expectancy.
  • Could a Bevel-Sert have prevented this disaster?

use the bevel-sert for pipe corrosion preventionThe cost of a disaster like this is not only the cost to fix the break, but societal costs as well. An AWWA Research Foundation paper published in 2007 entitled “Analysis of Total Cost of Large Diameter Pipe Failures” addresses the myriad costs in the aftermath of a large diameter pipe failure.  If you haven’t seen this paper, you can read it here.


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