Bevel-Sert for Ductile Iron Pipe

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the Bevel-Sert is suitable for use in potable water applications where the outside diameter of the pipe is the same as ductile iron pipe. The size range is 4″ to 16″ in diameter.

Introducing the Bevel-Sert:
Bevel-Sert Cost Savings:

The Bevel-Sert is manufactured for use with all classes of ductile iron pipe. The Bevel-Sert is manufactured with an integral flange which wraps around the outside edge of the field-cut spigot end and masks that edge during installation, completely protecting the rubber gasket.

Product Benefits/Value Proposition

  • Reduces workplace hazards by eliminating unsafe beveling practices and the inherent risk of injury to workers during pipe installation.
  • Reduces installation time by eliminating the need to bevel the edge of field-cut pipes.
  • Requires almost no training and is easy to install in a minute or less with no tools. Reduces the labor cost of installation of pipes by an average 30-90% depending on diameter size.
  • Prevents cutting of rubber gaskets for field cut beveled pipes.
  • Allows for the use of push-on fittings.
  • Provides an electrically discontinuous ductile iron pipe segment, reducing corrosion. Can significantly increase the life of the pipe by reducing stray current, one of the main components of pipe corrosion.
  • Independently laboratory tested and is OSHA and DIPRA compliant.
  • Awarded five US patents.


Product Submittals

Installation Instructions


Bevel-Sert Installation Demo:
The HDPE bevel is smooth-finished to allow for use with all types of rubber gaskets for field-cut beveled pipes, including restrained-joint rubber gaskets. The rounded bevel compensates for differing angles of deflection which can frequently occur during installation. During installation for field-cut beveled pipes, using a restrained-joint rubber gasket, changing angles of deflection must be minimized. Due to the metal locking segments in the rubber gasket, straight insertion must be achieved with no angle of deflection until the metal locking segments have gripped the peens of the ductile iron pipe around the entire circumference of the pipe. This practice follows the guidelines set forth by DIPRA and manufacturers concerning pipe joint installation.

To install the Bevel-Sert when used with field-cut pipes, apply constant forward pressure while maintaining zero deflection. Once the restrained-joint rubber gasket has gripped the entire circumference of the pipe, then the cut pipe can be walked into its final home position and deflected to the ductile iron pipe manufacturers specifications.

To install the Bevel-Sert with factory pre-beveled pipes, which works effectively as a corrosion-mitigation product for all ductile iron pipes, simply install by hand in the home position of the bell end, then push the pipes together in the same constant forward motion while maintaining zero deflection. Once the pipe is in final home position, it can be deflected to ductile ipon pipe manufactorer’s representative.

Bevel-Sert Engineering Reports
Omni Engineering Report – December 2012
Omni Engineering Report – November 2002