Infra-Tect provides innovative corrosion mitigation solutions to water and wastewater infrastructure piping systems with its patented Bevel-Sert. It delivers a lower cost of installation, operations, maintenance and repair and improves ductile iron pipe water infrastructure’s three pain points in this industry: 1) money and time spent on installation; 2) corrosion damage and; 3) worker safety.

Bevel-Sert Animation

This 14-second animated video shows the simplicity of how Bevel-Sert is inserted between two ductile iron pipes. Learn More

Cost Savings

This video reviews the time and cost savings benefits of using the Bevel-Sert in place of beveling pipes with a grinder. Learn More

Worker Safety

Just how Bevel-Sert provides worker safety-related benefits vs. beveling pipes is shown in this video. Learn More


Beveling & Corrosion Prevention

This video shows how you can change the way pipes are installed, worker safety is improved and pipes are protected. Learn More

Introducing the Bevel-Sert

Learn how Bevel-Sert provides for lower costs, worker safety and corrosion mitigation.
Learn More

Bevel- Sert Installation Demo

This video reviews the step by step process involved in installing Bevel-Sert. It takes less than 1 minute. Learn More


Please click on the images below to learn more about Bevel-Sert:

Bevel-Sert - Protecting America's Sell Sheet
Bevel-Sert - Eliminating Beveling Sell Sheet