Worker Safety
You may be one of the many who knows first-hand or, based on your role in the process, certainly understands what occurs in beveling underground ductile iron water and wastewater pipes.

It takes time. About 10 minutes to bevel a 6-inch diameter pipe. About two-and-a-half hours to bevel a 48-inch pipe.

It also takes effort. Beveling, in accordance with OSHA regulations, requires effort, can cause back issues and, in unfortunate situations, could cause injuries given the speed of the blade involved in beveling.

OSHA letter # 20090917-9271, dated July 22, 2010, states, “…OSHA construction standards prohibit the use of the cut-off saw… to grind a bevel onto the cut end… (of) ductile iron pipe…”

Here’s a solution to consider.

Infra-Tect’s Bevel-Sert is a pre-beveled, NSF 61 HDPE-compliant insert ring that fits between the two pipes. It takes seconds to install by hand and:

  • It improves worker safety as it requires no beveling process or equipment.
  • It saves anywhere from 30% – 90% in installation costs compared to the current costs involved in beveling and installation.
  • It requires 70% less assembly force and reduces the frequency of cut, rolled or damaged gaskets.

What does this mean for you?

You can now eliminate the beveling process and improve worker safety with the Bevel-Sert and save significant time and costs when installing pipes and repairing water main breaks.

Learn more about how the Bevel-Sert works to lower your cost of operations, installations, maintenance and repair for water and wastewater infrastructure piping systems.

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